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Es Despertar es un allotjament turístic amb encant, ben cuidat, amb una bona oferta d’oci per a tots els públics i tots els serveis necessaris per gaudir d’una bona estada. A més, Es Despertar és un espai actiu, en moviment, com la mateixa natura, on trobaràs diferents sales polivalents per celebrar tot tipus d’activitats lúdiques, esportives, culturals i oci en general.
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Ara Lleida Project


Es Despertar has affiliated itself to the Ara Lleida Moturisme project as a way of catering to motorcycle tourists and giving them a tailor-made experience and promoting the region by offering specific motorcycle routes.

The Ara Lleida Moturisme project is a pioneering tourism initiative within Spain, launched by the Tourism Board of the Lleida Regional Council to attract motorcycle tourism to the region.




















































 Features and Special Services



The property offers all the basic features required to welcome motorcycle tourists.


-It has a 90 m2 closed garage, which can comfortably accommodate up to 12 motorbikes and which is equipped with a work bench and all the tools you might need for fixing different kinds of vehicles, as well as special cleaning products.


-The house has a special area with hooks and a table for storing jackets and motorcycle helmets, which is directly accessible from the street without having to walk through the main entrance.


-We offer two especially designed motorbike routes that take you across several different parts of Lleida, Tarragona and Barcelona, starting from Es Despertar. We also offer all the routes set out in the Ara Lleida Moturisme project and can offer in-depth explanations about the routes around the plains of Lleida.

-We can offer specific information about motorbike maintenance services: motorbike repair shops, filling stations, spare parts suppliers, etc.






163 km route through the interior of Catalonia

At Es Despertar, we are pleased to recommend this 163 km tour of the skylines of the counties of Urgell, Segarra, Anoia and Conca de Barberà. Visit at any time of the year and you will be amazed at this part of Catalonia, with its hills and plains. You will marvel at the different colours marking the changing seasons as the crops in the fields grow throughout the year, abounding with cereal, almond trees, olive trees, rapeseed, vines and even some wooded areas of pines and holm oaks. An exciting journey through the quiet backroads of the counties will introduce you to unmissable colours and smells. Stop to rest at any of the viewpoints you find along the way and you will have the chance to admire the incredible inland countryside. Take the opportunity to recharge your batteries and feel a special connection with nature as you soak up the countryside lifestyle, which is still alive and well here. Add to that a great meal at one of the many restaurants that line the route. We can recommend friendly establishments in small charming villages, such as Sant Ramon or Santa Coloma de Queralt.

We hope you like it and have an amazing time!


Here is a detailed description of the route, along with our personal recommendations:     



  • After leaving Es Despertar, head for Tàrrega along the C-14, and after 2.2 km you will see the Cepsa la Portella petrol station at km 65.5, open from 7 am till 9 pm in case you want to fill up. Then continue on to Verdu.
  • In Verdu visit the castle (973347216), check out the black pottery or stop in at the local art gallery Mayoral Espai d’Art (…. (
    • You have another chance to fill up with fuel at the BonÀrea petrol station at km 67 of the C-14, open 24 hours (automatic).
  • Stop at Cervera to check out the Marc Màrquez exhibition at the local museum, c/Major, 115 (, take in the tourist attractions in the old town, such as the University of Cervera, the Church of Santa Maria, or just enjoy the streets, bars and restaurants that the town has to offer. (
    • Repsol-Bargués service station, N-IIa km 518, open from 5 am till 11 pm. The service station also has a restaurant offering good meals.
    • Motorcycle repair shop, Moto Jaume, Av. Manresa, 48, Tel. 973 530 672
    • Continue on the old road to Sant Ramon and along the way you can visit the Castle of Les Oluges and Montfalcó Murallat. Once in Sant Ramon, you can visit the Sanctuary of Sant Ramon or buy a leather jacket in one of its leather shops. (
      • Enjoy a great meal at the restaurant Casa Magdalena, c/ Major, 36, Tel. 973 524 004 (
      • Sant Ramon petrol station, Av. Santuari, 23, open from 8.30 am to 9 pm.
      • Motor repair shop: Taller Mecànic San Ramon, carretera Guspí, 1, Tel. 973 524 322 (
    • When you reach Tora, pay a visit to the Tower of Vallferosa. (
      • BonÀrea petrol station, C-1412a s/n, open 24 hours (automatic).
      • Motor repair shop: RR Motors c/ De les Eres, 21, Tel. 973 473 327
    • Now we reach the famous town of La Panadella where you simply cannot leave without stopping at one of the town’s two restaurants: the Bayona 938 09 21 75 or the Parada 938 09 20 61 (
      • Repsol La Panadella petrol station, Ctra. N-IIa km 535 (, open 24 hours.
    • Santa Coloma de Queralt, marvel at the beauty of its historic sights (
      • Cooperativa el Coperal petrol station, c/ Orfeó Català, 10. Open 24 hours (automatic).
      • Motor repair shop: Electromecànica A. Custodi, Indus. El Pont de la Barquera, 12 ( Tel. 977 88 10 64
    • Forés, El Mirador de la Conca (
      • Restaurant Lo Mirador de Forés. Tel. 606 657 256 / 626 093 440




223 km route full of contrasts.

This 223 km route is called Sea and Mountain because you will descend from 487 m in Es Despertar to sea level, going up again to reach 1000 m in the Prades mountains. As you travel along this winding path you will enjoy the Cistercian Route with all its wineries, as well as the gastronomy of the interior and the coast. You will take in different types of landscape, starting with dry areas and driving through woodland, until you reach the streets of the city of Tarragona, along a part of the Costa Dorada. In Cambrils you will be able to enjoy a delicious rice dish at Restaurant Miquel on Avinguda de la Diputació. As you near the peak of Prades you will delight in the magnificent views and impossible bends and, once at the top, you will find a picturesque village with great restaurants, serving Catalan homestyle cooking. You will also have the opportunity to visit some interesting historical and cultural sights: the quintessential medieval town of Montblanc; the Monastery of Santes Creus, Poblet, Vallbona de les Monges, one of the few monasteries where monks continue to live, in this case those of the Cistercian order. This is a round trip with varied scenery and a wealth of cultural and gastronomic delights.

Here is a detailed description of the route, along with our personal recommendations:

  • Ater leaving Es Despertar, head for the C-14 towards Montblanc.
  • You will arrive at Santes Creus where you can visit the Monastery (
  • Roman city of Tarragona (, check out Tarraco a Taula, Tarragona Romana, etc…
    • BP petrol station, carretera del Port d’Armentera s/n ( Open from 7 am to 10 pm.
    • Motorcycle repair shops:
      • Motos Tarragona, Av. Principat d’Andorra, 13, Tel. 977 21 62 44
      • Andreu Moto, Via Augusta, 14 ( Tel. 977 24 41 92
      • Motos Rosa, c/ Prades, 15, Tel. 977 54 92 70
    • Salou fun, sun and beach (visitsalou.en)
      • FerrariLand/Portaventura (
      • Shell petrol station, Autovia Salou-Reus km 1,3 ( Open from 5 am to 11 pm.
    • Cambrils shopping, beach and gastronomy (
      • Motorcycle repair shops:
        • Cafè Racer Motorcycles ( Passeig Francesc Macià, 9 tel, 663 32 07 08
        • MG Motosport c/Andalusia, 1 tel, 977 79 11 21
      • Restaurant Miquel, de la Diputació, 3, 43850 Cambrils, Tarragona Tel.: 977 36 03 57
    • Prades, where you can enjoy a drink or meal sitting at one of the terraces of the town’s bars and restaurants and take in the main square and the surrounding countryside (
    • Poblet and its Monestary (
      • Winery Abadia de Poblet (





  • Montblanc, Medieval City (
    • Petrol stations,
      • BonÀrea c/Esmoladors, 2 ( Open 24 hours (automatic).
      • Repsol c/ Muralla de sta, Tecla, 11 ( Open from 6 am to midnight.
    • Motorcycle repair shops
      • Mototrail c/ Pintor Potau, 23 tel, 977 86 05 79
      • Motos Roselló c/ Muralla de sta. Tecla, 21 tel, 977 86 11 62
    • Wineries
    • At Vallbona de les Monges you can visit the Monestary of Santa Maria de Vallbona (
      • Winery and oil mill L’Olivera Coperativa (



Specific services list in the area

Garages, gas stations and other services 



Gas stations                
Name Web/face/twiiter/net   Adreça   tel. GMS = DMS GD = DD Distance Km
ES Cepsa la Portella  obert de 7 a 21h C-14, Km. 65.5, 25341 Ciutadilla, Lérida 973 30 30 30 41 34 07.5 N, 01 07 31.4 E 41.568744, 1.125393 2,2
ES Bon Àrea (Automatic) Ctra. de Montblanc C-240, Km 69, 25340 Verdú, Lleida 973 55 15 00 41 36 44.0 N, 01 07 47.2 E 41.612230, 1.129771 8,1
ES Repsol obert de _ a __h Av. Tarragona, 313, 25300 Tàrrega, Lleida   41 38 23.6 N, 01 08 19.7 E 41.639896, 1.138801 10,4
ES Prats Duch Repsol obert de 6 a 22h Avinguda de Barcelona, 18, 25300 Tàrrega, Lleida 973 31 07 45 41 39 07.2 N, 01 08 50.3 E 41.651987, 1.147296 13
ES Repsol obert de 6 a 22h TV-2336, 43412 Solivella, Tarragona   41 27 07.9 N, 01 10 41.4 E 41.452184, 1.178153 16,9
Name Web/face/twiiter/net   Adreça   tel. GMS = DMS GD = DD Distance Km
  Marc Márquez Shop Rambla Lluís Sant Pere 1, 25200 Cervera, Lleida   41 40 10.2 N, 01 16 21.6 E 41.669492, 1.272653 23
Museum Marc MárquezShop Carrer Major, 115, 25200 Cervera, Lleida 973 53 39 17 41 40 07.8 N, 01 16 19.0 E 41.668838, 1.271931 23,1
Circuit Motocros track Partida Montperler, S/N, 25250 Bellpuig, Lleida 973 32 04 08 41 37 32.1 N, 01 02 30.6 E 41.625582, 1.041827 18,6
Parc Motor Circuit Crta. Nacional A-2, Km 560, 08719 Castellolí, Barcelona 935 16 61 61 41 35 30.4 N, 01 41 14.7 E 41.591773, 1.687424 66,5